For a style to be available in other mind maps, it needs to be saved in a template. Once this is done, the style will be available in each new mind map created from that template.

There are 2 ways to do it

  1. Open the template mind map and add your new style there
  2. Add a new style to your regular mind map
    • In Tool panelMake current formatting default, after setting the properties of your new style, choose for all maps based on template: and click Apply
    • Use Choose template to change the association beforehand, if needed

File Paths for Templates

Depending on your OS, you can find template folders in different directories. However, on every OS, there is a subfolder in the Freeplane installation-folder, where you can store user-defined template files.

Note: You can also change the default directory containing the user configuration. This means, the file path for templates might be different in your Freeplane (see The user directory).




System-wide templates (when Freeplane is installed via the package manager of your distribution) are located in:


User-defined templates can be found in:




Set a default template file

The default template file will be used for every newly generated mind map. You can set the default template file in the preferences:

Tools > Preferences > Environment, Files > 'Standard template file'

The template files shown here as an option are those located in the system-wide path for template files.

Create a new map from a template

You can create a new mind map from a template file at File > New map from template…. In the dialogue you have different options, depending on which Files of Type you choose from the drop-down menu at the bottom of the dialogue:

Menu New map from template…

All filesall filetypes (also non-mind-map files, which might give you an error)
Maps (*.mm)your mind maps, whose styling you want to use (see Styles)
Standard Templates (*.mm)the templates Freeplane comes with → system-wide path for template files
User templates (*.mm)your template mind maps → user-defined path for template files

Note: Depending on your current choice in the drop-down menu at the bottom of this dialogue, the path in the upper part changes accordingly:
If you click on Standard template (*.mm) it will show you the system-wide path for templates, if you click on User templates (*.mm) it will change to the user-defined path.