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Map local scripts are a legacy from FreeMind that most experienced script developers don't use. But some people like them to test some bit of code quickly.

Map local scripts can be defined within a map as attributes of some node. These scripts are embedded within a map and can be easily shipped with a map. A special, builtin editor is used for script editing.

In preparation for a quick intro on map local scripts create a new map with two nodes, "test 1" and "test 2", e.g. by pasting the following two lines onto the root of a new map:

test 1
test 2

Define a map local script

  • Select the node "test 1". Let's attach a script to it.
  • From the menu select Tools->Scripts->Script Editor.
  • In the script editor's menus select Actions/New Script. An entry script1 will be added to the upper left panel.
  • Write the following script in the upper right panel:
println("1st script: " + node.text)
  • Save and exit the script editor via the menu Actions/Save and Exit.
  • To check what happened make the attributes visible via menu View/Attributes/Show All Attributes (if necessary). You see that the script has been added to the map as an attribute with name script1 and the script as its value. If you would add further scripts to the same node then these will be named script2 and so forth.

Note that you may not rename the attribute. The script lookup relies on the attribute name: It has to start with "script".

Execute the script in the script editor

In the script editor's menus select Actions/Run. The following output will be printed in the lower (script output) panel:

1st script: test 1

That way you can test your scripts very easily.

Execute the script via the menu

  • Save and exit the script editor via the menu Actions/Save and Exit if you haven't done it already.

  • Ensure that the node with the attached script is selected.

  • In the menu select Tools/Scripts/Execute selected node scripts. In the logfile (normally ~/.freeplane/log.0) you will find two new lines:

    1st script: test 1 Result:null

The Execute selected node scripts action requires you to have the script node selected.

To circumvent this use the menu entry Tools->Scripts->Execute all scripts. This executes all map local scripts.

To test how this works for multiple scripts let's create another map local script:

  • Select node "test 2"
  • Open the script editor again and create a script with a slightly different print message:
println("2nd script: " + node.text)
  • Save and exit the script editor.

  • Select Tools/Scripts/Execute all scripts. The result should something like this:

    STDOUT: 2nd script: test 2 STDOUT: Result:null STDOUT: 1st script: test 1 STDOUT: Result:null

Both scripts are executed.

Note: Map local scripts will ever have their "node" variable set to the node the respective script is attached to. If you don't want that you have to use external scripts, see Scripting or External script file execution. External scripts allow to tune the way scripts are executed on which node.

Signed scripts

Scripts may be signed for security considerations.

TODO: please fill out this gap