Exporting from Freeplane to PowerPoint is quite easy. These steps where done with PowerPoint 2007 and Freeplane 1.2.12 beta.

  1. Select the node that is one level above what will be your slides in PowerPoint (usually the center topic), right click, select Copy.
  2. Open PowerPoint. Make sure you have an empty presentation open. On your left you can see the slide in smaller view, on top there is a tab called Outline, click it.
  3. On the first slide in the outline view, click next to the slide number so there is a cursor visible, press Enter and then Tab. There should still be only one slide, and the cursor is on the second row.
  4. Paste (Ctrl-V). Now the text from Freeplane should be pasted.
  5. Now to the smart part. Now select the text you pasted, do not select the first line next to slide 1.
  6. Press Shift-Tab. Now all the first level headings are transformed to slides.

That's it. Now your hiearchy from Freeplane is copied as slides to PowerPoint.

Formatting will not be copied from Freeplane to PowerPoint.