Formatting maps and nodes

Map background

There are several options to change the map background: Format->Map background

  • Background color
  • Background image (with the option "fit to window")

Formatting nodes

The most straightforward way to format a node is to use the formatting toolbar or hot keys, like Ctrl+B for bold.

There's also Tool panel (right-hand-side panel), which lists all formatting properties that can be set on a node. It can be opened by right-clicking on the mind map background and selecting Tool panel.

In addition to formatting an entire node, it is possible to format each character/word in the node. It can be done by using the editor dialog Edit->Node core->Edit node core in dialog (Alt+Enter).

Note: It's also possible to use the hot keys in the in-line editor (e.g. Ctrl+L for blue).

Using Format

Format allows to apply a special data format, e.g. a special or number date format. If for instance a date has the standard format 28/12/2012 it can be reformatted as 12/28/2012 by applying the format mm/dd/yyyy to the node. See Data recognition and data formats for details.

Another application of the format is to define text templates, such as a prefix like "Beware: ". In text templates "%s" represent the original node text like in "Beware: %s".

By setting Format to Text you switch all formatting off. Text also disables formula evaluation.

Format can be set to LaTeX or Unparsed LaTeXLaTeX in Freeplane


Finally, a node can be formatted by applying a style to the node → styles