Here are a few screencasts of Freeplane in action.

I would highly recommend screencast-o-matic for recording as it works on every platform with Java installed.

How to Vids

*How to search across all open MM files [*How to use outline view *How to search and sort [*Getting FP running on Fedora 13 was not as straight forward as I would have liked but it works (obviously) *Command line to search within .mm files [===how to get freeplane to run as portable application=== It takes a bit of time so plan accordingly. Total start to stop for me around 2 hours with no (real) errors.

*step 1 step 1 installing portable apps *step 2 step 2 installing java *step 3 step 3 installing Freeplane *step 4 final test... freeplane running off USB *

user error vids

You need to embed images to make them resizable. I missed that part... [==question vids== *How to add labels?

request vids

*Open many MM files at once [==bug reports== If you login to SF via Open ID the links from within FP will not work


Freemind vs Freeplane []