Freeplane features you were missing in FreeMind

This page lists important features of Freeplane that are not available in FreeMind.

  • Simple script invocation
  • Simple hotkey assignment
  • add-ons (packaged scripts, see below)
  • Format panel
  • Formulas
  • Node formats
  • Attributes panel
  • Integration with Docear
  • 1.3.x: Inline LaTeX ("LaTeX in core") with LaTeX syntax highlighting editor
  • Node details,
  • Freely positionable nodes,
  • Summary nodes
  • (conditional) Styles
  • Different export features, including scripted ones
  • Approximate search
  • (slightly) better printing support
  • Hyperlinks available in nodes and in attributes


  • Several add-ons are available, including:
    • Pack and Go (ability to pull all FP dependencies into a single zip file for sharing with others)
    • Study planner (tool for assisting with the efficient use of study time, including pomodoro timers
    • Getting Things Done (task management application)
    • Wikdnode (comprehensive set of node text editing tools)
    • Wikdshell (test platform for building and testing groovy scripts)
    • Developer Tools
    • Additional icon libraries
    • Insert InLine Image (an alternative way of bringing images into FP and attaching them to nodes via details or node core)

Migrating from FreeMind to Freeplane

  • don't try to copy+paste from a FreeMind instance to Freeplane; instead open the FreeMind map in Freeplane (in another tab) and then copy+paste from inside Freeplane!
  • Freeplane has Excel-like features and formulas:
    • numbers are recognized, i.e. "001"->"1" => avoid this by putting a quote (') at the beginning of the node text
    • same thing for dates
    • Formulas start with a '=': to avoid treating a node as a formula, (again) put a quote (') before the '='

Features available only in FreeMind

  • Collaboration mode