How to reference a node

In all the examples, the text of the referenced node is changed to this.

Rootnode.mindMap.root.text = "this"
Parentnode.parent.text = "this"
Selected Nodenode.text = "this"
All selected Nodesnode.text = "this"
First childnode.children[0] = "this"
All childrennode.children.each {it.text = "this"}
The whole branchnode.findAll().each {it.text = "this"}


textUtils.copyToClipboard(node.icons.getAt(0)) //copy the name of the first icon to the clipboard
c.statusInfo = node.icons.getAt(0) 

Condition tester

Another option is to use the Filter Toolbar, with the option Filter->Highlight all matching nodes, and compose a Script Filter directly in the toolbar

if (node.text == "this") {
	c.statusInfo = "yes"

else {
	c.statusInfo = "no"