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applet|title New features as a mind map|See some new features in a mind map .

The most important new features

  • Better inline_editor for all plain text nodes
  • Edge-like connectors (available from connector pop-up menu)
  • External objects: External bitmap and SVG images can be attached using menu Insert->External object and resized
    • Image size can be reset by double clicking on the bottom right corner
    • Images can be scaled by dragging the bottom right corner
  • Good Scripting support:
  • Insert image dialog and insert external object dialog have file previews
  • F-Toolbar
  • Find or Replace in all open maps
    • Perhaps the most important improvement. Here's a video of search all open maps [* Full screen mode
  • Hidden Edge Style
  • Horizontal Edge Style
  • Hot keys can be set by pressing left mouse button on menu item and holding CONTROL key
  • Outline view
  • Portable Freeplane
  • Selective paste from edit menu (Paste as...)
  • Spell checker
  • Structured HTML paste

New filtering features

  • Date based filter
  • Filter conditions for numeric values return false for non numeric values
  • Filter based on link labels
  • Filter history
  • Filter menu
  • Filter tool bar can be hidden like all other tool bars,
  • Filter status is displayed in status line
  • Filter node text by regular expressions

Other features

  • All backup or autosave files are numbered from 1 to maximum number, the bigger number the latest file.
  • Automatic backup for all loaded files on first save.
  • Backup and autosave use directory ".backup" created in the map directory.
  • Edit nodes with line breaks in in-line editor (alt+enter to quit , shift+enter for line break)
  • Enable link pop-up menu even if neither target nor source node is selected.
  • Exception traces for internal errors are automatically sent to freeplane team for analysis.
  • Export Using XSLT
  • Hide tabs if only one map is loaded
  • Icon actions moved in separate menu
  • Icon toolbar hidden by default
  • Linking to arbitrary URI integrated
  • Links where target or source are selected are found first.
  • New icons: 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%
  • You can add user icons. Just create a subdirectory "icons" of your freeplane profile directory (e.g. ~/.freeplane/1.2.x/ under Linux), and populate it with PNG files (of moderate sizes, of course). You can even add links to other icons directories, for example :
    ln -s /usr/share/icons/default.kde4/22x22/actions  ~/.freeplane/1.2.x/icons/actions
  • New navigation actions useful for presentation "next node" and "previous node". They traverse the map in depth-first order.
  • Personal modification color can be set in prefeences
  • Plain text search for filter in html nodes added
  • Priority filters based on priority icons
  • Text labels can be added to any end and in the middle of any link by link pop-up menu
    • Can someone produce a video of HOW to do this?
  • Text rendering mode use more exact fractional metric based version.
  • The action is also available from pop-up menu
  • The attached file can be opened by double click on the image itself
  • The same zooms applies to all maps
  • Zoom keep selected node position
  • Zoom saved between sessions