-- Eric - begin --

Freeplane as a free flat surface

When I first he ard abou t the new name, I didn't think about an (air)plane but about the geometrical figure of a plane, as a very broad synonym of a map. My graphical abilities are very limited but this is w hat came to my mind:

a plane in empty space, with a stylized mindmap hovering over this plane and a sun rising over the plane, casting a shadow of the mindmap. As for the colors, I'm not so sure but a blueish darkness for the space and yellow for the sun sounds rather logical, the plane could possibly be a shade of grey and white, whereas the map itself should be colorful to make a contrast to the rest.
-- Eric - end --

-- Dimitry - begin --

What is a Freeplane

Honestly I have never thought about the mathematical plane in connection
with the Freeplane before, although I like this nice abstraction I found
in your mail. I like the name "Freeplane" because it combines all things

*I am thinking about the air plane as the fastest transport vehicle and

about freedom of flying. I think about a kind of "bird eye perspective"
one can develop for his ideas and knowledge. I think about the jazz
standard "Take the A-Trane" and the motto "take the free plane".

*I am thinking about plans because I know that the FreeMind is already

used as a tool for project planning.

And the idea of a bumble bee as a central figure for the project
including its logo, icon and splash screen combines flying, use of
powerful wings, stripes typical for plan sheets, but it is also a piece
of nature which can look lovely and friendly.
Image:Http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/c/c6/bombus september 2007-1.jpg/748px-bombus september 2007-1.jpg
Wikimedia and License link

-- Dimitry - end --

-- Predrag - begin-

My vision of Freeplane

I made one sketch with hand and I 'm sending to you now. I'm reading Eric's text now and I thinking about colors.
I will try prepare some combination ( palettes ) and I will put my preposition here.

-- Predreg -- end --
-- Ryan -- begin --

A bird's eye view -- or in this case a bee.

Good work, Predrag. Here is my contribution. Since other non graphic designers are prepared to offer their sketches, I shouldn't be too embarrassed to do the same. The first image below shows the original idea for Freeplane - as a rocket overlooking the planet: that represents the relationship mind mapping software has to knowledge. The second image tries to keep the same perspective, but the planet becomes the flower and it is the bumble bee looking down:

--Ryan -- end -

-- Predrag - begin-
New motion for Freeplane splash and icons
I tried accept all your suggestions and I made new splash and icons.
Please send comments.


  • Ryan -- Begin -

I really like these designs, Predrag. In a sense, the blue looks better - but in my opinion blue is used too often in software projects. So I think we should use the pink.

Here are my suggestions for the very good pink design you have produced:

*I would like to see a lighter, pastel pink - with low saturation.

*I notice with the blue design, the blue background has a sky texture - maybe this can be used on the pink design.

*How about a bit of subtle shadow on the flower/honeycomb object?

*I think the icons might work better with just one object - i.e. the bee.

Good job, Predrag! I'm looking forward to seeing some new renderings. :-)

-- Ryan -- End -

An Idea: Why not both?

This might be a bit gimmicky, but why don't we offer both the blue and the pink splash, with the option to chose?

I like pink, but maybe it will put some (men) off. The options could be in one of the menus rather than tucked away in the preferences . - Ryan