Our main goals for Freeplane are:

Better Mind Map editor than FreeMind

*Better usability, *More features, *Frequent releases

through better project organization,

*Big and effective developer Team. I believe that much more people were willing to contribute to this extraordinary sensible and helpful project as a mind map editor. *So the development speed can be increased and time between the releases can be significantly shortened. *People like you and me systematically contributing to the project should get more influence on the project decisions. *There should be clearly communicated and broadly discussion of the further development ideas, steps, goals and visions. *A strong project Visions and the freedom to implement new ideas

better architecture and design

*current FreeMind implementation is hard to extend and maintain. I have tried to collect the most critical points here. Such refactoring is not easy, but I think if we want to give new developer a chance to make good contributions, we must provide clear architecture and design first.

A large, friendly community in which your voice will be heard.