Interface Proxy

public interface Proxy
This interface alone defines the api for accessing the internal state of the Freeplane. All read-write methods and properties (with rare, documented exceptions in Proxy.Controller and Proxy.Map) support undo and rollback on exceptions.

Every Proxy subinterface comes in two variants:

  • A read-only interface, like Proxy.NodeRO. This collects only the methods that don't change the underlying object (in case of NodeRO this would be NodeModel.
  • A read-write interface, like Proxy.Node. This inherits from the respective read-only interface all its methods and properties and adds write access to the underlying object.
The main point of this distinction are formulas: Only the methods defined in the read-only interfaces are supported in Formulas!. Changing values in a Formula are against the Formula concept and lead to corruption of the caching mechanism for Formulas.