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public static interface Proxy.ControllerRO extends ControllerRO
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    • find

      List<? extends Node> find(groovy.lang.Closure<Boolean> closure)
      Starting from the root node, recursively searches for nodes (in breadth-first sequence) for which returns true.

      A find method that uses a Groovy closure ("block") for simple custom searches. As this closure will be called with a node as an argument (to be referenced by it) the search can evaluate every node property, like attributes, icons, node text or notes.


          def nodesWithNotes = c.find{ it.noteText != null }
          def matchingNodes = c.find{ it.text.matches(".*\\d.*") }
          def texts = matchingNodes.collect{ it.text }
          print "node texts containing numbers:\n " + texts.join("\n ")
      See Proxy.NodeRO.find(Closure) for searches on subtrees.
      closure - a Groovy closure that returns a boolean value. The closure will receive a NodeModel as an argument which can be tested for a match.
      all nodes for which returns true.
    • find

      List<? extends Node> find(boolean withAncestors, boolean withDescendants, groovy.lang.Closure<Boolean> closure)
      Starting from root node, recursively searches for nodes for which condition.check(node) returns true and adds their ancestor or descendant nodes if required.
      1.7.4 See Proxy.Controller.find(NodeCondition) for details.
    • find

      @Deprecated List<? extends Node> find(org.freeplane.features.filter.condition.ICondition condition)
      since 1.2 use ControllerRO.find(NodeCondition) instead.
      Starting from the root node, recursively searches for nodes for which condition.checkNode(node) returns true.
      condition - condition to match the search.
      the nodes which match the condition.