Here's a procedure for setting up IntelliJ IDEA.
See IDE setup for an alternative, using Gradle.

Installation and configuration

  1. Go to
  2. Choose Community (direct download link for Windows:
  3. Install IntelliJ IDEA (Next, Next, Next; the default options are fine)
  4. Launch IntelliJ IDEA
  5. On the Welcome screen, choose New Project
  6. Name: freeplane-scripting
  7. Language: Java
  8. Build system: IntelliJ
  9. JDK: if none detected, select Download JDK and choose version 17. Any Vendor: will do. I choose Eclipse Temurin ...
  10. Click Create
  11. Once created, go to File->Project structure (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S)
  12. Then to Modules, and in the right pane to Dependencies
  13. Click + in the Dependencies pane, select 1 JARs or Directories
  14. Navigate to your Freeplane installation directory and select freeplanelauncher.jar (e.g. C:\Program Files\Freeplane\freeplanelauncher.jar)
  15. Again + 1 JARs or Directories C:\Program Files\Freeplane\core\org.freeplane.core\lib
  16. Once more + 1 JARs or Directories C:\Program Files\Freeplane\plugins\org.freeplane.plugin.script\lib
  17. Close the Project Structure window with OK at the bottom.

The installation is done. You are ready to start creating your first script.

Script example

In IntelliJ IDEA, right-click on the (blue) folder src New->File and in the dialog write the name hello.groovy.

  • In the file (right pane), start writing def c = ScriptUtils. A drop-down will appear.
  • Choose the (first) entry pointing to org.freeplane.plugin.script.proxy. It will add a line at the top import org.freeplane.plugin.script.proxy.ScriptUtils.
  • Continue writing in line 3. Put a dot after ScriptUtils and wait for a drop-down to appear. Select c().
  • In the next line (4), write def node = ScriptUtils.node()
  • In a new line type c.stat and select statusInfo. You can use DOWN ENTER or your mouse.
  • Then type = "Hello. Current node id: ${}

Verification in Freeplane

  • Copy your script – select the file in the left pane and Ctrl+C
  • Go to your <user-dir>/scripts and paste it Ctrl+V
  • Alternatively, add your IDEA Project directory to Freeplane Preferences…->Plugins->Scripting->Script search path (see tooltip)
  • Restart Freeplane and run the script Tools->Script->Hello to verify it works OK